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From the makers of Holloway, Luigi's Italian, Mario's and West Side Pizza we present our homage to Mexican Cuisine. We pride ourselves on the quality and authenticity of our food. Dedicating our menu to the rich food history of Mexico and the ancient agave spirits.

We source produce organically and always use meat from ethically raised animals. There are no shortcuts, we treat every dish with the respect and preparation it deserves: beginning with  marination, cooking low & slow then finishing on charcoal. We fresh press tortillas and sourdough burritos every day and ferment our own tepache and house hot sauce.

Agave has god-like status in Mexico and at Mama Taco as well, there are infinite complexities in the liquids distilled from this sacred plant. Each agave-based spirit is grown and distilled in specific regions of Mexico, highlighting providence and terroir - we welcome you to our agave cathedral and invite you to worship alongside us.



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